Welcome to  Clondalkin Animal Aid

Clondalkin Animal Aid is a non-profit organisation that works entirely remotely from a team of volunteers who work hard to give rescue pets a better life.

We take in dogs, cats and other small animals that are found straying and try to find their owners. We aim to find them a new home if their owners can’t be located. We also take in pets that are surrendered by their families and sometimes ones that come from horrific circumstances. 

If you are interested in adopting an animal, please click the link above and fill out your details. One of our volunteers will be in contact.

Donations Needed!

We appreciate any amount of donation, big or small! If you can help out our pets in need, please click one of the links above to bring you to our GoFundMe or PayPal donations. These donations are vital to keep our vet bills down and help transport pets that have been lost or abandoned.

Just to note: Clondalkin Animal Aid has no employees and we depend on our wonderful volunteers to operate. If you can donate some time to volunteering, this is equally important. To join us, just click on the button above and we will be in touch!

Check our our Social Media channels below for info on Pets in need of your help...

Our Coverage Area

Please note - we don't have a premises. All of our animals are in the care of foster homes.