Foster with us

Clondalkin Animal Aid (CAA) actively seeks compassionate individuals interested in providing temporary homes for dogs, cats and other small animals in need. We regularly promote our fostering program through various channels, encouraging community members to get involved. 

Prospective foster carers are invited to reach out to us expressing their interest. We welcome inquiries from individuals passionate about animal welfare to apply through our Foster Application. 

Our fostering process begins with a simple application. Interested individuals complete a form, providing us with essential details and references to help us understand their suitability as foster carers. 

As part of our commitment to the well-being of our animals, we conduct home assessments to ensure that the living environment meets our standards for safety and suitability. 

Foster carers review and agree to the terms and conditions of fostering, which outline responsibilities, expectations, and any associated costs. This mutual understanding forms the basis of our collaborative efforts. 

Once approved, CAA maintains regular communication with foster carers via WhatsApp. We provide ongoing support, address any concerns, and schedule check-ins or vet appointments as needed. 

Foster carers take on the crucial role of providing temporary care, including feeding, grooming, and administering any necessary medications. The well-being and comfort of the fostered animals are of paramount importance. 

Our goal is to prepare animals for their forever homes. Foster carers actively participate in the process, working with potential adopters and providing insights into the behavior, health, and special needs of the animals. 

When a suitable adopter is identified, CAA handles the adoption process. This may involve home visits and interviews to ensure a seamless transition for the animal into its new home. 

By joining our fostering program, individuals become integral partners in our mission to provide temporary care, rehabilitation, and loving environments for animals awaiting their forever homes.