Adopt a pet

Clondalkin Animal Aid (CAA) actively promotes the adoption of dogs,cats and other small animals, encouraging individuals to consider providing loving homes to animals in need. Information about available pets is regularly updated on our website and social media platforms. As we don't have a rescue centre, all of our rescue pets are cared for in our precious Foster Homes.

Prospective adopters are welcome to arrange a visit one of our available pets at their foster home when it suits their foster carers. We encourage spending time interacting with your potential pets to find a suitable match based on personality, lifestyle, and preferences.

Review Adoption Requirements: To streamline the adoption process, we recommend that potential adopters review our adoption criteria, fees, and procedures on our website or by reaching out to our team via private message on Social Media or via email to

Submit an Adoption Application: Interested individuals can initiate the adoption process by completing our adoption application. This form helps us understand the adopter's living situation, experience with pets, and commitment to responsible pet ownership. All pets posted on our Social Media channels should have a reference number, which you can use to identify the pet you are interested in. If you have no preference, please use a description in the reference field (eg: ADULTCAT, SMALLDOG etc) We will endevor to match your ideal pet with you but you may also be offered a similar pet if an exact match is not available, which you can of course accept or decline.

Home Visit (if applicable): As part of our commitment to the well-being of our animals, we will conduct a home visit to ensure that the adopter's residence is safe and suitable for the intended pet. We will take into account the family situation, number of other pets in the home and whether the local area is suitable to an indoor/outdoor pet. We do not approve homes who will only keep a pet outdoors as your pet will need a space indoors for safety overnight and during inclement weather.

Meet Criteria and Provide References: We appreciate adopters who meet our criteria for responsible pet ownership. This may include having a stable living environment, ensuring permission for pet ownership in rental properties, and providing references from landlords, veterinarians or personal contacts.

Adoption Fee: A reasonable adoption fee is associated with each adoption to cover initial veterinary expenses, vaccinations, and spaying or neutering. This fee contributes to the overall well-being of your adopted pet.

Education and Support: We prioritize the education of our adopters, providing information on the specific needs and characteristics of the chosen pet. Our organization is committed to offering post-adoption support, ensuring a positive and successful transition for both the adopter and the pet.

Follow-Up and Assistance: After adoption, we maintain an open line of communication with adopters, offering assistance and resources as needed. We encourage ongoing updates and are here to address any questions or concerns that may arise.

By choosing to adopt through Clondalkin Animal Aid, individuals become valued partners in our mission to find loving homes for animals in need. We appreciate the commitment and responsibility our adopters demonstrate in providing a second chance for these wonderful pets.